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Entrepreneurship and marketing of residential and commercial real estate, land development, nature reserve management.

Kass Group
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Established: 2007
Line of Business: Entrepreneurship and marketing of residential and commercial real estate, land development, nature reserve management.
Address: 8th Ha-Tan St., Giv’at Ze’ev
Phone: 972-2-5000418
Fax: 972-0-5630034
Email: office@kass-group.com
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  • Hanoch Kass, Kass Group

    Hanoch Kass

    Chairman and Owner, Kass Group

    Kass Group

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    Hanoch Kass
  • Pnina Revach, Kass Group

    Pnina Revach

    CEO, Kass Group Israel

    Kass Group

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    Pnina Revach
  • Aka Toradia, Kass Group

    Aka Toradia

    CEO, Kass Group Georgia

    Kass Group

  • Tomer Mor Yosef, Kass Group

    Tomer Mor Yosef

    VP Business Development 

    Kass Group

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    Tomer Mor Yosef
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About Kass Group

Kass Group, a real estate development company, was founded in 2007 by businessman and developer Hanoch Kass.
The Group operates in Israel and Georgia.
The Kass Group started out as a real estate marketing and development company, and within five years established itself as one of the largest real estate development companies in Israel, successfully supplying more than 2000 residential units. Over the years its customers have included some of the leading real estate companies in Israel, among them Minrav, Euro Israel, B. Yair, Morris Alon and Hasid Brothers. The Group’s uniqueness in the marketing field is due to the fact that it also provides a full range of marketing services beyond the marketing. These include responsibility for the entire bureaucratic process entailed in the approval of all project stages, as well as banking accompaniment, close and exacting supervision of the contractor’s work and much more.

A leading development company

In recent years the company focused its activity in the real estate development field, with the marketing area of secondary importance. Attesting to the company’s impressive flourishing is the scope of its current holdings that includes more than 150,000 square meters of income-yielding real estate in shopping malls and commercial centers in Israel and abroad.

Unique specialization in Jerusalem and the surrounding area

The Group specializes in real estate development in the Jerusalem, Givat Ze’ev and Ma’ale Adumim area, where it has built more than 2000 residential units and over 100 thousand square meters of commercial space.

Wide-ranging real estate activity in Georgia

In recent years the Group’s development arm abroad has focused on Georgia, identifying it as the next hot real estate target market in view of the country’s low score on the corruption index and flexible bureaucracy.
The Group acquired and initiated the construction of hotels, business centers and office towers. It also operates nature reserves in prime location areas throughout the country.
The Kass Group is currently considered one of the five largest developers in Georgia and continues to grow and prosper in this country.

Prominent projects in Israel

Gazelle Valley, Givat Ze’ev – The Group took part in developing the Gazelle Valley project in Givat Ze’ev, and brought about full occupancy of the neighborhood with 1500 new families within just three years.  The construction included buildings of 1500 residential units, a complex with 150 beautiful villas and a luxury complex with 40 residential units at an especially high standard.

Yavniel – The Group initiated the construction of two residential and commercial projects totaling 52 residential units in the community overlooking the Sea of Galilee.

Atlit Mall – The Group initiated the construction of the Atlit mall which covers an area of 5000 square meters. The mall includes a variety of stores and an event hall with a breathtaking view of the sea.

Commercial Center, Givat Ze’ev – The Group initiated the construction of the Givat Ze’ev commercial center, covering an area of 2000 square meters.

Design City site, Mishor Adumim – The Group initiated the construction of Design City, the largest design center in Israel and the Middle East, spread over about 13.75 dunams with 60,000 square meters of built space. Within only 5 months the Group marketed more than 50% of the commercial space in the complex, and occupancy is expected at the beginning of 2021.

Luna Kass, Ma’ale Adumim – The Group initiated the construction of Luna Kass, the largest covered amusement park in Israel. The complex will include first of their kind amusement park rides in Israel, alongside stores in the infant and children’s area. The complex is expected to open in 2021.

Prominent projects in Georgia

Kass Boutique hotel – A 5-star boutique hotel located in the center of Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi. The hotel includes 82 luxury rooms and 2 presidential suites.

Kass business center – An advanced complex located in Tbilisi that includes offices, commercial space, event centers and a hotel. The complex covers an area of 15,000 square meters.

Operating Georgia’s nature reserves – The Group was awarded the tender to operate Georgia’s nature reserves for the next 45 years. It plans to build a suspension bridge, with a bar in the shape of a diamond at its center, which will be the highest suspended bar in the world.

Tsalka Vacation Village, Georgia – The Company initiated the construction of a unique vacation village with 100 rooms in the Tsalka nature reserve.

Young, dynamic and active

The Company is considered a young and very dynamic company in the relatively conservative real estate market in Israel. One of the Group’s more well-known hallmarks is its conceptual and design creativity.
The Company’s approach is: “To strive to find creative ‘out of the box’ solutions that enable the Company to stand out with projects that have a very attractive return on investment for the Company and its customers.”

Company vision

The Company aims to be an international development company in real estate and in a wide range of projects considered massive movement generators, among them nature reserves, amusement parks, attractive hotels and more.

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